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Resizing  pictures on the fly !



Daily millions of pictures are beeing resized from camera picture sizes into thumbnails or other sizes suitable for websites and photobooks.Most advanced photo software can perfrom this including resharpen the images or giving them a different jpg compression.Because many people are find themself overloaded with buttons und menues i wrote this little onlinetool which is very simple to use.Simply load a picture and enter width or height of the desired picture, then press "resize".Oher options are optional and are described below. Note:Maximum output width is 1024 and height 768 pixels.-This site is free to use.Please read the Terms before using this service.

Short Manual :

Load a picture above and enter either the desired picture width or height or percentage, then press "resize".The resized image will appear below "output".Then rightclick on the picture and save it on your harddisk.Note:The resizing process can take a few seconds depending on the serverload.

Thumbnailgenerator / Picture resizer - ( in 7 Steps ) :

1. Picture height :

Enter the desired Height above. If you only enter height , width willbe calculated automaticly.Percentage is not used here.

2. Picture width :

Enter the desired Width above.If you only enter width , height will be calculated automaticly.Percentage is not used here.

3. Percentage :

If you wish an output picture to be calculated in a certain percentage , enter a value here.You can leave all other fields empty using this function.Note : 10 = 10 % of the original , 100 = Full size of the original (no change).

4. Sharpness :

Because of losing sharpness when resizing an image this value can re-sharp your picture.A value of 1= very unsharp , a value of 99=maximum sharpness.If you leave this field empty,the output will use a value of 80. Tip: experiment around with this value for different results.

5 . Compression :

A jpg picture can be compressed in order to save diskspace or speed up the up- or download of the image while keeping the quality high.A value of 1(not recommened) = very high compression gives you a very small picture output (only a few kb) but the image looks scrambled or funny.99 is almost no compression ( highest quality,but many kbs ).A value of about 85 or 90 is a quite good compression and gives you a medium output size. Note: Some pictures need a higher compression rate depending on the number of colurs or details of the photo. Please experiment with this value to find out how it affects the output. If you leave this field empty a value of 90 will be used by the program to perform this graphical function.

6. Load Iimage :

Load an image from your harddisk by clicking on the button above.The picture MUST be a jpg ! ATTENTION: Large pictures can take a few seconds to process ! If anything fails just try again.

7.Start program :

Click on "Start".After a few seconds the output will appear below "output".Now rightclick on the image and save it on your computer.Hint: never erase or overwrite an original - always save a digital manipulated photo under a different name !



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